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Damas Cilinics

Damas clinics have the Iso 9001 certificate regards to matching the standards of quality and global safety. you can visit Damas Dental and Beauty Clinics in our branches (Damas Clinic in mohandseen, Damas Clinic in Sheikh Zayed, Damas Clinic in 6th of October). You can be examined and treated by the best dentists at Damas Dental and Beauty Clinics.

Damas clinics are equipped with modern technology devices for dental and cosmetics, such as three-dimensional digital x-rays, digital x-rays, modern technology for dental surgery and implants and microscopes for nerve filling. Damas clinics are unique with a group of highly skilled doctors and dentists from experienced specialists and consultants for all branches of dentistry and beauty, as well as the use of latest technology for sterile techniques and devices.

افضل عيادة اسنان فى 6 اكتوبر, الشيخ زايد, المهندسين
دكتورة سمية - عيادة اسنان فى 6 اكتوبر, الشيخ زايد, المهندسين

Dr. Somaia Abuzaid

Dr. Somaia Abuzaid on TV

Damas Clinics

Dental implants

Damas Dental Clinic is the best clinic for dental implants. This is a medical procedure in which the roots of missing teeth are replaced with metal medical screws and artificial teeth are installed by the best dentists in Damas Clinics. It is the ideal solution to replace any missing or untreatable molar and restore its function and the natural appearance of the teeth, where planning is done. The dental implant procedure at Damas Clinics uses the latest technologies, such as 3D rays, to ensure that the implant is completed as quickly and painlessly as we have the best male and female dentists.

Tooth Dentures

It is a medical procedure aimed at replacing missing teeth or improving the appearance of damaged teeth The excellences at Damas Dental Clinics are characterized by our precision and high quality, as they are made by using Digital CAD/CAM technology, which makes them compatible with the gingival tissue and does not cause any infections or stains. Types of compositions (Zirconium – Emax – Zircomax – Acryl Flex – Alpik).

Hollywood Smile & Veneer

Damas Oral and Dental Clinics are distinguished by creating the best Hollywood smile, which is the smile of Hollywood stars, or what is known as veneers, porcelain dental veneers, and dental lenses. They are fixed cosmetic fixtures used to beautify the teeth and achieve a perfect, bright smile, which is considered a symbol of beauty, attractiveness, and high self-confidence. They are characterized by aligned teeth and the natural shape of the teeth that suit each individual’s face. It is possible to visualize the final shape of the teeth before implementation using smile design programs.


It is a medical procedure to correct and arrange the position of the teeth and jaws. At Damas clinics, orthodontics is performed to treat cases of crowded teeth, protrusion of the lower jaw, spaces between the teeth, deep bite, open bite, crossbite, and letter pronunciation errors. Under the supervision of a group of the most skilled specialist doctors at Damas Clinics, a fixation device is also placed after the completion of the orthodontic treatment journey and the follow-up of the fixation. Damas Dental Clinics are distinguished by their awareness sessions for parents and children regarding dental care before and after orthodontics.

Maxillofacial surgery

One of the most important fields in the field of dentistry is maxillofacial surgeries. At Damas Dental Clinics, we initially care about sterilizing our equipment as a starting point in surgery. Dental surgery is the most common field in dentistry, especially extractions, such as extracting remaining roots and extracting wisdom teeth, which is known for bad gum and bone impaction. At Damas clinics, we can intervene surgically through specialist doctors and consultants in cases of surgery and surgical orthodontics by reducing Size of the upper and lower jaw. We have the best doctors to surgically intervene in jaw implant operations by starting bone grafting to increase bone density. At Damas Dental Clinics, we can perform all dental surgeries with the best and latest technologies at the hands of the best doctor

Pediatric dentistry

At Damas Clinics, we care about preventing and treating children’s teeth, including tooth decay, gingivitis, or malocclusion in the child’s jaw. The pediatric dentistry specialist at Damas follows the latest psychological and therapeutic methods to deal with children to achieve the best results from the dental visit, as we care about preserving the child’s healthy-structured teeth to obtain strong, permanent teeth. Damas clinics provide pediatric dental treatment with general anesthesia, which is necessary in cases of children with special needs and those who suffer from phobia of the dentist. We have a special department in Damas for pediatric dentistry and orthodontics at Damas.

Root canal treatment

endodontic treatment (canal filling/canal treatment).It is a procedure used to treat teeth that suffer from inflammation or infection due to severe decay or exposure of the tooth or molar to a strong shock or fracture of the tooth. We are careful examination and making accurate digital x-rays for diagnosis and drawing up a treatment plan to ensure the success of the nerve treatment, then anesthetizing the affected area , then cleaning the decay from the molars, then cleaning and disinfecting the nerve canals. Located inside the roots of molars and teeth, the wall cavity is filled with a sealant to prevent the recurrence of infection or the formation of bacteria, while ensuring complete sterilization and disinfection of the canals using laser nerve filling and advanced electronic devices and safe chemical treatments to ensure complete sterilization of the nerve canals. 

Cosmetic fillings

Damas Oral and Dental Medicine and Cosmetic Clinics are distinguished by the best doctors, both male and female, who specialize in oral and dental beautification when it comes to cosmetic fillings. They are fillings in the color and shape of natural teeth and are used to treat tooth decay and fractures in teeth and molars. They are done in one session using the best types of German and Swiss fillings and the tools designated for that.This helps in obtaining a permanent and strong result. Laser fillings are used to beautify the front teeth and treat the gaps between the teeth for a more beautiful appearance and to prevent food from accumulating between the teeth.

Gum treatment

Damas Dental Clinics are distinguished by an integrated medical team and an elite group of the best periodontal specialists and consultants. Here we will take a look at some common gum treatments and gum surgeries. 1- Cleaning the gingival pockets (tartar cleaning): When gingivitis develops, tartar and plaque accumulate in the gum openings, known as gingival pockets. This procedure is performed by the most skilled specialist doctors at Damas Clinics and aims to remove bacteria and calcareous deposits and improve the health of the gums. 2- Treatment with medications: The Damas Clinics dentist uses some topical or oral medications to treat gingivitis, and these medications include anti-inflammatory and topical antibacterial agents. 3- Gum surgery: In more advanced cases of gingivitis, surgery may be necessary to treat the damaged tissue and restore gum health.

We help you maintain a healthy mouth Your dental care specialist will examine your gums and teeth and develop the preventive treatment plan you need Preventive treatment includes removing all plaque and tartar from your teeth. This is called tartar cleaning, then polishing and fluoride sessions, as dental fluoride helps resist and prevent decay, and preventive fillings that work to protect the biting surfaces of the teeth and make the tooth surface smoother and easier to clean. The dental care specialist will teach you how to clean between the teeth and how to use all types of dental floss to remove bacteria that constantly form on your teeth when you eat, which may cause tooth decay and gingivitis (Swelling/ulcers) In addition to guiding you on which oral care products are best for you to use, the correct ways to use them, the effect of bad habits on your teeth, ways to reduce them, and the routine for maintaining your dental health at home.

Preventive dental treatment

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